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PooPrints swabs a pooch for DNA










Dog poop is one of the biggest problems for people who live in apartments, condos and town homes. After more than 30 dog years in business we’re excited to have the answer to this age-old poo problem. DooGooders™ is now the exclusive distributor in our region for PooPrints™, a dog DNA service that allows us to tell property managers exactly which dog owner in their complex didn’t pick up what they dropped off. PooPrints effectively cleaned up properties in Sioux Falls and across the country because tenants can finally be held accountable for picking up after their pooch. In the coming weeks we’ll tell you more about this one of a kind service, take you into the DNA lab in Tennessee, and show you how we continue to doo good with dog poo.


DooCrew Top Dog Mayhem meets USD mascot

The DooCrew joined the Pug Owners Society of the Sioux Empire (POSSE) for a fun time Saturday at Teapot Days. We walked in the parade and say lots of DooCrew friends while the pugs got in some good exercise!

Meeting the USD Coyote

DooCruiser all decked out

Pugs following the DooCruiserMeeting the USD Coyote

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