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Meet our latest profile pups, Pepper and Livvy, Italian Greyhound rescues. These might be two of the most tech-savvy pooches you will meet!

Guest Blog by: Northern Plains Boxer Rescue

Gypsy, one of the lovable boxers needing a forever home

Northern Plains Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit, all-volunteer effort where every boxer counts. We are an organization that strives to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home all boxers in need. Northern Plains Boxer Rescue makes every effort to educate the public about the boxer breed and responsible pet ownership. We serve a five state region: South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Currently we have more than 50 boxers in rescue who need a good, loving home. We operate solely out of foster homes so we know every boxer in our rescue and their lovable personalities. Without our foster homes and other volunteers, we could not operate. We are always looking for new volunteers and foster homes!

Two-year-old Boxer Gypsy

And here is one of our boxer friends looking for a forever home:
I’m, Gypsy, a gorgeous sun-kissed 2-year-old brindle, a sweet, playful girl who loves attention, and getting frisky. I love long walks, riding in your car, hanging out on the patio, and relaxing on the sofa with my head on your lap. Cuddles and caresses will be lovingly reciprocated with kisses. I know sit, leave it, lay down and kennel up. I love to play and wrestle with other dogs. I especially love chasing water from the hose. Tug-of-war is another party favorite in my home. I have the tendency to become a little rowdy when playing, but when my foster parents tell me to stop, I listen like a good girl and stop playing. I have mastered the art of jumping a four foot fence and will show off my talent at any time, day or night. I am actually on the shy side. I like slow introductions to people and dogs. I get a little scared and nervous. I am getting to be a pro at walking with a Gentle Leader, but I still get nervous passing barking dogs in yards and dogs or people as they approach. I am just a little nervous until I know I am going to be safe. I am a professional teacher of humans. I like teaching them their doggy manners.

Check out Gypsy and all of the available boxers out at or email for more information!

DooCrew Note: NPBR will host a meet and greet April 17, 1-4pm at PetCo in Sioux Falls. You must be pre-approved to adopt that day, but anyone can come to visit some of the boxers in the area!

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