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Let’s be honest. Weekly poop scoopin’ works great for your home. But it doesn’t work at apartments. Sure, most tenants pick up after themselves. But there’s always a few who break the rules. And as soon as people see the DooCrew picking up the mess, most stop dooing the right thing and cleaning up after their pup. So you end up paying a lot of money and your grounds don’t get better. They get worse. Finally, we have an answer to the madness by offering PooPrints dog DNA technology. We’re proud to be the only company in the region licensed to offer PooPrints to keep apartment grounds cleaner than ever. And we have more than 300 pups registered in Sioux Falls with Midwest Property Services and Lloyd Companies. Starting at $29.95 per dog, this amazing DNA technology keeps your grounds clean by keeping dog owners responsible for picking up after their best friend. Finally, a way to keep your lawn clean and your costs down. Here’s what tenants and property managers have to say about PooPrints.

You can read more about our trip to the PooPrints lab in Knoxville, TN here.


Route Info – Turd Tips

  • 10/12 weekly:155,1,1909,04912,12,1942,1533,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1913,1425,1943,1212,1938,408,1634,1841,1621,1731,18…… 4 days ago
  • 10/11 weekly:92,412,71,59,1333,1611,2012,125,1902,1703,1450,1937,245,1936,1903,1847,1833,1334,1846,17,255,1743,1814…… 5 days ago
  • 10/8 weekly:1802,1848,1850,2512,1902,1904,53,1629,1644,1903,1658,7,1836,1401,1943 Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 10/5 weekly:155,1,1909,04912,1504,12,1942,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1913,1212,1425,1528,1943,08,1634,1841,1621,1810,1731…… 1 week ago
  • 10/4 weekly:92,412,130,59,71,1333,1611,4,1925,1902,1450,1937,245,1903,1847,1833,1334,1846,17,255,1743,1814,1914,209,1852,1918,1648. Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 10/1 weekly:1802,1848,1850,1845,1902,1904,53,1629,1644,1903,1658,7,1836,1401,1943. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • 9/28 weekly:155,1909,12,1942,1533,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1425,1943,408,1841,1621,1731,1736,1844,1915,1513,1626,1722,1839,1732. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • 9/27 weekly:92,412,1,71,04912,59,1611,2012,1925,1902,1913,1703,1450,1937,245,1936,1903,1212,1847,1833,1938,1634,133…… 2 weeks ago
  • 9/21 weekly:155,1909,12,1942,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1425,1943,408,1841,1621,1810,1731,1736,1844,1915,1513,1626,1722,1839,1732. Thanks! 3 weeks ago
  • 9/20 weekly:92,412,130,1,04912,59,71,1333,1611,1504,4,1925,31,1902,1913,1937,245,1212,1528,1903,1847,1833,1634,1334…… 3 weeks ago

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