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Cooper C. & Scout

Cooper C. & Scout

DooCrew Note: When it comes to boy’s best friend, Cooper and Scout might just be two of the best buddies you’ll ever meet! And while it didn’t make the editorial cut, Scout’s got a pretty crappy story he can share about a day he didn’t feel too good in the car! But we’ll leave that for you to ask Cooper and Scout if you meet them in person because it involves some heavy doo-ty cleaning even the DooCrew can’t doo!

Name: Scout

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Owner: Cooper Cornette, Sioux Falls, SD

Breed: Lab mix

Favorite treat: Beef Jerky

Favorite toy: The Chicken

Funniest habit: When she gets excited, she hides her head under the couch.

Thing Scout loves the most: Picking Cooper up from school.

Thing Scout dislikes the most: Cats

How Scout joined your family: She came from a rescue in Missouri.

If they had a million dollars,  Scout would: Cooper says Scout would give him the money so he could buy toys.

Favorite television show: She doesn’t really watch TV.

Favorite story about your pup: She was laying upside down in a chair and almost choked to death because she didn’t think to turn over. No self-preservation skills…


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