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At DooGooders, we’re always trying to find ways to doo good with dog poo. Over the last 35 dog years, we’ve been able to doo a lot of good. And we’ve had a lot of fun along the way. And now we’re excited to announce a new way to doo good. While this has nothing to doo with poo, it has everything to doo with the safety of your pooch. Today, we launch DooGooders idna. If your dog is ever lost, we can positively identify him using his DNA. It’s simple. It’s cheap ($34.99). And it’s guaranteed to work. We take a quick, painless cheek swab using something that looks like a Q-Tip. It takes about 20 seconds. We give you a tag with your dog’s DNA number and register your furry friend in the World Pet Registry. If your dog is ever lost or stolen, we can use his DNA to reunite you. Micro-chips can fall out or be removed and tags can get lost. But DNA is forever. And it can’t be faked. To find our how you can protect your dog with DooGooders idna, email or call 605.951.1176.


Route Info – Turd Tips

  • 10/12 weekly:155,1,1909,04912,12,1942,1533,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1913,1425,1943,1212,1938,408,1634,1841,1621,1731,18…… 4 days ago
  • 10/11 weekly:92,412,71,59,1333,1611,2012,125,1902,1703,1450,1937,245,1936,1903,1847,1833,1334,1846,17,255,1743,1814…… 5 days ago
  • 10/8 weekly:1802,1848,1850,2512,1902,1904,53,1629,1644,1903,1658,7,1836,1401,1943 Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 10/5 weekly:155,1,1909,04912,1504,12,1942,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1913,1212,1425,1528,1943,08,1634,1841,1621,1810,1731…… 1 week ago
  • 10/4 weekly:92,412,130,59,71,1333,1611,4,1925,1902,1450,1937,245,1903,1847,1833,1334,1846,17,255,1743,1814,1914,209,1852,1918,1648. Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 10/1 weekly:1802,1848,1850,1845,1902,1904,53,1629,1644,1903,1658,7,1836,1401,1943. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • 9/28 weekly:155,1909,12,1942,1533,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1425,1943,408,1841,1621,1731,1736,1844,1915,1513,1626,1722,1839,1732. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • 9/27 weekly:92,412,1,71,04912,59,1611,2012,1925,1902,1913,1703,1450,1937,245,1936,1903,1212,1847,1833,1938,1634,133…… 2 weeks ago
  • 9/21 weekly:155,1909,12,1942,1707,403,1850,1905,7,1425,1943,408,1841,1621,1810,1731,1736,1844,1915,1513,1626,1722,1839,1732. Thanks! 3 weeks ago
  • 9/20 weekly:92,412,130,1,04912,59,71,1333,1611,1504,4,1925,31,1902,1913,1937,245,1212,1528,1903,1847,1833,1634,1334…… 3 weeks ago

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