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This last weekend was the rescheduled event for Bark For Life in Sioux Falls at Spencer Dog Park. It was suppose to take place June 8th, but Mother Nature had other plans. This Saturday was a nice day, but it was a bit windy outside. Other than that, it was a fun experience to be able to meet people and their furry friends. They had a variety of contests for the dogs and then after that they did their walks. Once that was done I had some people come to the booth and say hi. It was a good experience for me and hopefully next year the weather will hold up and more people will come. It’s for a good cause!

For more information you can go to Relay For Life’s website at:

Also check out DooGooders Facebook page for pictures of the day’s event:

For the second year, the DooCrew will be walking in the American Cancer Society’s Bark for a life. It’s an event that brings together two- and four-legged friends to help raise money to fight cancer. With contests, learning exhibits, demonstrations and a walk, it’s the perfect time to bring your pup to the park to support survivors and those fighting cancer. You can join the DooCrew’s team, donate or make your own team! And don’t forget to like the Bark for Life page on Facebook!

Bark for Life

May 14, 2011 at 10 a.m.

Spencer Dog Park

Sioux Falls, SD

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