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We have decided to doo this weeks route, but we are moving the pick-up date from Saturday, December 24 to Friday, December 23. This way we can be sure your lawn looks its best for the holidays while still allowing the DooCrew time with family this Christmas. Thanks so much for everything!


Route Info – Turd Tips

  • Doo to the fresh snow and below temps. I will be cancelling the route for the weekend. Stay warm! 5 hours ago
  • 1/15 weekly:1902,1802,1850,2512,53,17,1644,1853,1658,7,1401. Thanks! 4 days ago
  • 1/12 weekly:1,04912,4,31,1850,7,245,1425,1634,1841,1810,1828,1731,1741,1844,1619,1816,1635,1720,1732. Thanks! 6 days ago
  • 1/11 weekly:155,92,412,10,1901,71,1333,1611,1504,1450,1707,403,1446,421,1212,1528,1847,1629,408,1621,1334,1837,1736…… 1 week ago
  • This upcoming weekend route will be split up into two days... Friday and Saturday. Thank you! 1 week ago
  • 1/8 weekly:1802,1850,1845,53,17,1644,1658,7,1401. Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 1/5 weekly:155,92,412,1,71,04912,1333,1611,1504,1450,1533,1707,2012,403,1446,1850,7,245,1301,1425,1212,1445,1847,16…… 1 week ago
  • 12/31 weekly:1802,1850,2512,53,17,1644,1853,1658,7,1401. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • Doo to the holiday weekend I will not be out Saturday/Sunday. I will hopefully be picking up tomorrow if the weathe…… 3 weeks ago
  • 12/24 weekly:1802,1848,1850,1845,53,17,1644,1658,7,1401. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas! 3 weeks ago

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