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Yesterday we asked, “What doo 605 Magazine, scientists and poo have in common?” The answer – a craptastic story about our new service, PooPrints, that offers doggie DNA testing! Be sure to grab a copy of 605 and check out that story along with some other much less odorous awesomeness!

What doo 605 Magazine, scientists and poo have in common? We’ll tell you tomorrow!

DooCrew Top Dog Maggie reads 605 Magazine

This month’s issue of 605 Magazine went to the dogs! The Real Deal feature included a story with our Chief Doo Officer, Jolene, and some photos of the DooCrew. As you can see, the Top Dogs Maggie and Mayhem got their own copy and you can, too!

Mayhem is more about the pictures


There’s a dog-gone good surprise for the DooCrew in the June issue of  605 Magazine. We don’t want to give away too much, but it’s a pretty stinky story! And don’t forget to vote for the band you want to play at the 605 Summer Classic!

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