We’ve been in business for more than 40 dog years. And it turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. DooGooders served more people than ever in 2014, cleaning more than 1600 lawns and collecting DNA from more than 800 dogs. Thanks so much for letting us doo good with poo!  Here’s a quick breakdown of our 2014 service:

Residential Cleanings: 1,642

PooPrints DNA Samples: 830

PooPrints Dog Doo Samples: 296

Total PooPrints stats in the DooGooders territory: 36 properties across 4 states; 1,574 dogs registered

jo nate doo award

Chief Doo Officer Jolene Loetscher and EVP – Turd Management Nate Burdine pose with the Outstanding Service award at the North Pole.

When the South Dakota Multi-Housing Association asked us to join them for a night to celebrate the accomplishments of our fellow members, and that Chef Dominique was catering, we told them they were barking up the right tree. The annual Walk of Stars gala recognized several outstanding property managers and maintenance pros in our area, and the DooCrew was honored with an award for outstanding service! How cool is that? We think it was pretty awesome!

We are lucky to serve such smart and fun people, and look forward to taking crap from clients around the region for years to come!


award doo small

The DooCrew Top Dogs may like to eat books more than read (turning pages can be hard without thumbs!), but our four-legged and furry executives doo love to learn. That’s why they will be part of the What Do You Geek campaign with Siouxland Libraries this week where you can share what you geek and take part in geeky events all around town!

Mayhem Geek Big Jerry Geek

The next time you’re walking your best friend around downtown Sioux Falls it’ll be easier to take care of your dog doo. DooGooders teamed up with Downtown Sioux Falls, Inc. and Jans Corporation to install five dog doo drop-off stations. Help yourself to oxo-biodegradable bags from PooPrints, leave them at one of our stations and help us continue to doo good with poo!

You can read more about the dog doo project here.

The dog doo stations are marked with a dog paw on the map below.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.29.13 PM

DooGooders PooPrints Map 0914


DooGooders is the authorized PooPrints distributor for the following cities and towns, serving more than 40 properties and registering more than 1,300 dogs in four states. If you have property in this region and don’t see our logo, there’s still a good chance we can help. If not, we can point you to the right distributor.

South Dakota:

Sioux Falls



North Sioux City

North Dakota:







Sioux City

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 4.49.28 PM











Chief Doo Officer Jolene Loetscher has been busy talking crap around our region recently. Jolene spoke at Entrepology in Sioux City, a cool event that plants entrepreneurs from one city into another. She also spoke at 1 Million Cups Sioux Falls the next day. It’s pretty sweet to meet new people and see all the cool stuff happening in our region.

A big thank you to Think 29 for also featuring our terrific turd talker in a recent blog post. It’s always a great day to talk about dooing good with poo.


The DooCrew was helped out by a Good Samaritan after the Doo Cruiser broke down. We weren’t able to get a name to doo a proper thank you, so we asked our Facebook fans to nominate a group to give $50 to so we can pay his kindness forward. The Top Dogs used a scientific peanut butter system to determine a winner for the $50 and a runner-up gift of $10. We are excited to announce that the St. Francis House will receive $50 and the South Dakota chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association will get $10. Thanks so much for your help!

There were many other worthy causes listed, some of which we hadn’t heard of. We have links to every suggested cause below. Please take a minute to read up on each of them and consider giving a few bucks to one or more of these incredible causes!

Operation Addy

National MS Society

All Cats Rescue

Cure Kids Cancer

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Sioux Falls Area Out of the Darkness Walk

St. Francis House

Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue (3 votes)

Teen Serve Missions

Alzheimer’s Association

The Compass Center (Rape & Domestic Abuse)

Selfspiration (2 votes)

Sioux Falls Area Humane Society

American Heart Association

Zoi’s Animal Rescue

Lutheran Social Services Mentor Program

The last week kept the DooCrew busy with a lot of business (and a lot of it dooing the business of picking up after the business pooches do!). While many of the DooCrew worked on cleaning all the crappy yards (and what a spring clean season it’s been with record sales! We wonder if Santa left some Fiber One bars for some of the area pups!), we also traveled outside Sioux Falls.

Last week, Jolene & Nate stopped by the PooPrints lab in Knoxville, TN where they match all the DNA we send their way! They got to visit some of their favorite stinkologists (technically, really really smart scientists) and see what’s coming up for PooPrints in 2014.


Jolene, Chief Doo Officer, and Nate, Vice President of Turd Management, at PooPrints lab

Jolene, Chief Doo Officer, and Nate, Vice President of Turd Management, at PooPrints lab

Then earlier this week, our friends at Lloyd Companies, who use PooPrints, helped us with a great media event at PrairieWood Townhomes & Gatewood Estates to announce PooPrints in Siouxland! The Top Dogs, Mayhem Awesome & Moonshine Jerry, even tagged along, and seemed to enjoy a little sunbathing during the breaks between interviews.

Moonshine Jerry & Mayhem Awesome Getting Some Siouxland Sun

Moonshine Jerry & Mayhem Awesome Getting Some Siouxland Sun


And you can check out the stories below!





Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.

Cooper C. & Scout

Cooper C. & Scout

DooCrew Note: When it comes to boy’s best friend, Cooper and Scout might just be two of the best buddies you’ll ever meet! And while it didn’t make the editorial cut, Scout’s got a pretty crappy story he can share about a day he didn’t feel too good in the car! But we’ll leave that for you to ask Cooper and Scout if you meet them in person because it involves some heavy doo-ty cleaning even the DooCrew can’t doo!

Name: Scout

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Owner: Cooper Cornette, Sioux Falls, SD

Breed: Lab mix

Favorite treat: Beef Jerky

Favorite toy: The Chicken

Funniest habit: When she gets excited, she hides her head under the couch.

Thing Scout loves the most: Picking Cooper up from school.

Thing Scout dislikes the most: Cats

How Scout joined your family: She came from a rescue in Missouri.

If they had a million dollars,  Scout would: Cooper says Scout would give him the money so he could buy toys.

Favorite television show: She doesn’t really watch TV.

Favorite story about your pup: She was laying upside down in a chair and almost choked to death because she didn’t think to turn over. No self-preservation skills…



The DooCrew is using PooPrints dog doo dna technology to keep Dakota Ridge Apartments in Williston, North Dakota free of dog poop. We had a great time learning about Boomtown, USA. The construction happening in the area is incredible and it was exciting to see all that’s going on. Here’s a little clip from our adventure through the new Wild West.

Route Info – Turd Tips

Top Dogs Twitter

Turd Manager’s Twitter

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