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The American Red Cross makes keeping your furry family members healthy even easier with a new Pet First Aid App. You can learn more and download here.

Also, the Sioux Empire Red Cross will be holding a Dog & Cat First Aid Class on March 29, 2014 9am-1pm in Sioux Falls. This is a chance to keep you pooch safe at a discounted rate. Normally $85, the class is just $70. DooGooders will be covering a portion of the registration. Size is limited, so we doo hope you sign up now!


It’s getting warm out there and we don’t want any hot dogs out there! Here are some tips to keep your canine companion cool this summer.

1. Keep their water bowl full at all times and even outside.

2. Take your dog out early in the morning before the sun comes out. This will also help out with their paws not being on the hot sidewalks.

3. Next, make sure you don’t exercise Fido too much during the summer.

4. Take them to the lake or even have a kiddy pool he can swim around in.

5. If your dog is going to be outside make sure that there is plenty of shade they can go under. And if they are inside you can spray them with a spray bottle to cool them off and keep the AC on.

6. Make sure to watch for signs of heat stroke. If they are panting excessively, have a hard time walking, and if their heart rate is fast take them to the vet as soon as possible.

7. And the last tip for keeping your dog cool this summer is to NEVER leave them in a car by themselves.

Follow these tips and you and your dog will have a cool summer!

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