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Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.

Cooper C. & Scout

Cooper C. & Scout

DooCrew Note: When it comes to boy’s best friend, Cooper and Scout might just be two of the best buddies you’ll ever meet! And while it didn’t make the editorial cut, Scout’s got a pretty crappy story he can share about a day he didn’t feel too good in the car! But we’ll leave that for you to ask Cooper and Scout if you meet them in person because it involves some heavy doo-ty cleaning even the DooCrew can’t doo!

Name: Scout

Age: 9 years

Gender: Female

Owner: Cooper Cornette, Sioux Falls, SD

Breed: Lab mix

Favorite treat: Beef Jerky

Favorite toy: The Chicken

Funniest habit: When she gets excited, she hides her head under the couch.

Thing Scout loves the most: Picking Cooper up from school.

Thing Scout dislikes the most: Cats

How Scout joined your family: She came from a rescue in Missouri.

If they had a million dollars,  Scout would: Cooper says Scout would give him the money so he could buy toys.

Favorite television show: She doesn’t really watch TV.

Favorite story about your pup: She was laying upside down in a chair and almost choked to death because she didn’t think to turn over. No self-preservation skills…

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.


Spot‘s Spotlight
Your dog(s) name(s) and age(s): Hank. Turning 4 on July 7th
Nickname(s): Hank The Tank
Breed: Yellow Lab
Favorite treat: Rawhide or bone with peanut butter inside.
Favorite toy: Any ball that someone will throw for him.
Funniest habit: Laying on the air vent when it’s hot outside.
Thing they love the most: Playing fetch with the neighbors. He will actually throw the ball over the fence so my neighbor has to get it and play with him.
Thing they dislike the most: G
etting wet. Strange for a lab, but he won’t even go outside to potty when its raining.
How they joined your family: He joined my family by my mom and friend searching the Internet until I said yes to the picture  they showed me of Hank!
If they had a million dollars, your pup would: He would build a doggy house where all his friends could come stay and play.
If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go: At Grandma’s place to play with her dogs.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer: L
aying on the deck getting some sun and playing fetch with whomever is walking by and finish off the day by napping on the couch.
Favorite author/artists/TV show: He does watch a lot of tv since I keep it on all day for him. I have to say the only ones that keep his attention are ones with dogs running around like dogs 101.
Favorite team(s): He doesn’t have any favorite teams or sports. He likes them all.
Where did you get your name: I actually stole the name from my mother. She wanted to name her new puppy that, but I got Hank first. Sorry mom!

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.


Name: Brooks, 1 year

Family: Amber & Jesse B.

Nickname(s): Sam, Prince, Puppy (They don’t make sense, but they’ve stuck!)

Breed: Tibetan Terrier

Favorite treat: It’s a tie between his daily Greenie and dried liver.

Favorite toy: Orange alligator with no stuffing, but 3 squeakers!  (The louder, the better!)

Funniest habit: He really loves playing with his toys and has a full basket that he tips over with his paw and spreads them ALL over the house!

Thing they love the most: Being around my husband and me

Thing they dislike the most: Grooming

How they joined your family: We got Brooks when he was 10 weeks old from a breeder in Ohio.  He flew on a plane to come here!

If they had a million dollars, your pup would: Buy treats and toys!

If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go: Anywhere with snow, and dog friends to play with!

Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer: Sleeping on the cool hardwood floors next to the air vent! He doesn’t enjoy the heat.

Favorite TV show: He enjoyed seeing the track runners during the Summer Olympics

Favorite team: Vikings

Where did Brooks get his name: I knew someone in college with that name and always liked it.

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Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.

Mosby, 6 months

Name: Mosby, 6 months

Family: Peter & Jenna

Nicknames: Moze, Schmosby, Mozeman Montana, Mozbers, Roast Beef (he actually comes to that one sometimes)

Breed: Pembroke Corgi/Miniature Australian Shepherd

Favorite treat: smoked pig ears

Favorite toy: a big stuffed cat named “Kitty”, a little stuffed squeaky lobster, socks

Funniest habit: hides toys/treats all throughout the house to save for later, uses his whole butt to wag his tale

Things Mosby loves the most: cuddling up on the bed, chewing on things while sitting with people, being carried like a baby, peanut butter

Things Mosby dislikes the most: squirrels, thunder, the doorbell, bath time, and anyone who might steal his treat

How Mosby joined your family: We talked about getting a dog forever. Then, we talked about getting a corgi for a few more months, but weren’t sure we wanted a purebreed. In October, we saw an advertisement for this seemingly perfect mix and drove two hours to meet him. It was love at nearly first sight, and the rest is history.

If Mosby had a million dollars, your pup would: Two things: 1) buy a bunch of sheep to herd and 2) pay his parents to stay home with him so he could show off his herding skills

If Mosby could take a trip anywhere, he would go: New Zealand, the land of sheep.

Favorite author/artists/TV show: Mosby loves How I Met Your Mother … duh 😉 And Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

What rattles Mosby with the weather: He heard thunder for the first time at the beginning on the month. With each rumble, he ran downstairs to bark at the door. Also, doorbells ringing on TV send him flying.

Spot’s Spotlight: Beans & Bindi
(Owners: Christopherson Family)

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends!

Beans & Bindi

Name:  Beans, 6 and Bindi, 1

Breed:  Pugs

Favorite treats:  Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky and Flossies
Favorite toy:  They mostly just try to chew on our girls’ toys — Squinkies, Legos and crayons top their list!
Funniest habit:  Jumping into the vehicles of everyone who visits our home — they have attempted to hang out with the Schwans man, the garbage man, the Fed-Ex guy, the UPS driver, pizza delivery people, Girl Scouts and extended family.  They run up to everyone and wag their tails, jump around and snort excitedly.  Then they scamper out and hop into their vehicles since everyone wants a pug riding sidekick…ha ha ha!
Thing they love the most: Our daughters, Olivia and Danika and TREATS!!
Thing they dislike the most:  Hippies and people walking through their ‘hood…joggers, bike riders, families on walks, skateboarders and especially other dogs will all get an earful (from behind our screened windows, of course!).

Beans, 6

How they joined your family:  Since I was a child, I had always wanted a pug.  When our daughter Olivia was 2, she and I went to look at puppies.  Initially, it was just to look at them and waste time while we waited for the library to open.  When Liv went right for the pugs, I thought it was a sign!  We had to sell my husband on getting a dog, but we ended up bringing Beans home.  Liv named him Beans–our theory is that she picked that name because she was in a jellybean phase at the time.  When our younger daughter Danika turned 2, I started campaigning for another pug.  Pugs are social and I felt like Beans needed a buddy.  We found Bindi on a farm outside of Sioux Falls.  The girls and I begged for the chance to just go see this little puglet, and my husband agreed.  When we saw that tiny little black puffball with the curly tail and scrappy attitude, we knew we wanted her to join our family!  We actually left her at the farm at first (we wanted to think about getting her) and my husband ended up turning around on the highway about 5 minutes after we left to go back to get her…we KNEW he loved pugs!!  Bindi is SO funny, and we’re glad she’s a part of our family…and we think Beans agrees despite the few gray hairs Bindi gave him.
If they had a million dollars, your pup would:  Well, I’d like to believe that Beans & Bindi would spend some on treats and then give the rest to us as their caretakers but let’s be honest–they’d probably blow it all on snacks and boobie traps for all the people who are so rude as to step anywhere near their house.  I think they’d also build a giant bonfire with all the doggie costumes in the USA…they seem to look ashamed when we dress them up, ha ha!

Bindi, 1

If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go:  Anywhere with their family…pugs are sweet, contented little dogs and I think they are happy wherever there are people who love them.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer:  They like to lounge outside under the tree in our backyard, sometimes swimming in their little pug pool and playing with their girls at the park!
Favorite author/artists/TV show:  They love Twins Baseball, Vikings Football, The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and anything the girls are watching.
How would you describe Beans and Bindi’s personalities:  Bindi is a classic little sister.  She bugs Beans and gets jealous if he has something she doesn’t have.  We actually have a picture of Beans and Bindi when Bindi was tiny and Beans was 5; they were eating and Bindi was actually sitting in the food dish to block Beans from getting any.  She’s also kind of a clown.  One time we caught her starting to squat down to potty in the house and I chased her down the hallway–she skidded around the corner and shoved her face into her food dish as if to say “It wasn’t me, I was here eating the whole time!”  Beans is like a crabby old man sometimes.  There are certain neighbors that he likes and certain ones that really chap his buns…he will wag his tail at the ones he likes and growl and bark at the one he doesn’t like.  It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. They love baths, and their arch nemesis is my sister’s Boston Terrier Rocky (he has an attitude problem).  I would never have thought that dogs could have such personalities!  Pugs are awesome with kids, affectionate and funny little buddies.  I’d recommend this breed to anyone!
Spot’s Spotlight: Cozmo
(Owner: Williams Family)
Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends!
Name: Cozmo Dynamite Williams, 5 years old

Nickname(s): “Small, dark and handsome”, Lil Buddy, Cozmo D, “That foxy little black dog”

Breed: Schipperke

Education: Northwestern University, School for Canines

Favorite treat: Peaches, Artisanal cheeses, Greek yogurt parfaits, sweet potato fries, baby carrots

Favorite toy: Sock monkey, plush beach ball, hide-and-seek squirrels and tree

Funniest habit: Stealing gym socks and empty toilet paper rolls

Interesting fact: I adopted a less fortune young alligator named Dale and made him my brother. Now we are
inseparable and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Cozmo with his buddy, Dale

Thing Cozmo loves the most: Sniffing out suspicious characters in the neighborhood; I fancy myself the president of the
neighborhood watch.

Thing Cozmo dislikes the most: That squeaky thing that sneaks into all of my toys; I do my best to shake, tear and dismantle it
every time I hear one.

How Cozmo joined your family: I was adopted in Cochran, GA. I was the runt of the litter but my Dad said that small
guys could grow up to be tough. Boy was he right!

If Cozmo had a million dollars, he would: Travel around the world for a year, and then spend time helping children in third world countries
and developing clean water technology for needy villages

If Cozmo could travel anywhere, he would go to: Bora Bora, Seychelles. I prefer exclusive tropical destinations frequented by the stars.

Cozmo’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer: Swimming in the creek at the local dog park, enjoying frozen yogurt with my Dad, Road tripping
up the Eastern seaboard

Favorite TV show: Golden Girls, Almost all reality TV, Animal Planet K-9 Cops

Favorite Musical Artists: Bob Marley, Michael Buble, Adele, Holst
Favorite Authors: Stieg Larsson, Alice Walker, Siddhartha Gautama
Favorite Movies:Grey Gardens, The Karate Kid, I am Sam
Favorite sports: Taekwondo, Ultimate Frisbee, Tackle Fetch

Inspired by: Hachiko, Cujo, Oprah Winfrey, My Dad

Favorite quote: “That which we manifest is before us; we are the creators of our own destiny. Be it through
intention or ignorance, our successes and our failures have been brought on by none other than
ourselves” — Garth Stein (The Art of Racing in the Rain)

DooCrew Note: You can always check out Cozmo’s globe-trotting adventures on Facebook!

At DooGooders, we think of customer as a dirty word. To us, the people that let us in their home, allow us to know their children (two- and four-legged) and support our mission to doo good feel more like family. This past week, we said good bye to one of our DooGooders family, Jason DiMercurio. Many of you may know Jason from his work at Avera McKennan or on KSOO. We know him best as Cole and Tucker’s dad, his two pups that made him beam with pride, especially on a cold, January afternoon when he made sure Cole left us a fresh present! Or just kisses from Tucker, no matter the weather! The DooCrew will always remember that no matter the time, usually 1 a.m.-ish, whenever we mailed out a bill, Jason would right back instantly with a virtual smile and a joke about our crappy job.

Jason gave his time to help animals in our community, even adopting Cole and Tucker from Second Chance Rescue Center, as he told us in Spot’s Spotlight. Also, the Sioux Falls Business Journal recently profiled Jason for his dedication to his degree, job and community.

Jason exemplified dooing good. He never missed an opportunity to doo that with a smile, a kind word or a laugh that let you know how much he cared. Jason, thank you for being part of our DooGooders family.

Spot’s Spotlight: Sasha
(Owners: Johnson Family)

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends!


Name:  Sasha, 2 1/2 years
Breed:  Mom is a chocolate lab, dad was out of the picture before she was born, so a mixed breed of some sort.
Birthday fun:  She was born on Thanksgiving, and we got her on the day President Obama was inaugurated.
Favorite treat:  flip flops
Favorite toy:  Her Kong, with or without stuffing.
Funniest habit:  She smiles!  She actually smiles in this awkward sort of way when you’re playing with her.
Thing they love the most:  It’s a tie between running at the dog park or snuggling at night.
Thing they dislike the most:  Being in trouble.  She sulks!
How they joined your family:  We had been out to Second Chance Rescue Center many times, but when they showed us the new litter of puppies, with Miss Sasha being the runt and so tiny, she captured our heart.  Our family has never been the same since.
If they had a million dollars, your pup would:  She would build her own dog park, invite all of her friends (and everyone is her friend).  She’d fill it with an unlimited supply of flip flops so every one of her friend could “chews their own”.  🙂
If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go:  Disney World.  Because that’s where her family would want to go, and she always wants to please her family.  But I think she’d really enjoy Soarin’ with the rest of us.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer:  Running free, with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth and her ears flapping in the breeze.  “Sasha, get back here!!!”
Favorite author/artists/TV show:  CBS Sunday Morning.  She loves the trumpets at the beginning and end of the show.
Your pup’s favorite cupcake:  Sasha doesn’t get many cupcakes, but she did eat an entire box of See’s Candies handcrafted truffles after I got back from San Francisco this year.  Expensive chocolate.  Hand-picked chocolate.  I guess I’m glad someone got to enjoy it.  😦

DooCrew Note: While Sasha doesn’t get many cupcakes, the DooCrew loves to stop by her family’s cupcakery Oh My Cupcakes! after a long day of doo pick up!

Spot’s Spotlight: Rocky & Bruiser
(Owners: Kimberly & Kendig B.)

Rocky & Bruiser

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight! Each month DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.

Name: Rocky is a little over a year old and a German Shepherd

Favorite Treat: Milkbones

Favorite toy: Squeaky football

Funniest habit: He goes nuts when Kendig’s cell phone rings (barks and runs in circles).

Favorite thing to do: Rocky loves his walks the most.

Least favorite thing: Rocky really hates to be alone.

How did Rocky join your family: We adopted Rocky from another family when he was about 10 months old.

Name: Bruiser is a 5-month-old Siberian Husky mix (probably with Bernese Mountain Dog)

Favorite treat: Milkbones

Favorite toy: A woven ring with a squeaker in it

Funniest habit: He does forward rolls when ever he plays with Rocky.

Favorite thing to do: Bruiser loves to run outside and chew on sticks.

Least favorite thing: Bruiser hates sitting inside when Rocky is outside.

How Bruiser joined your family: We adopted Bruiser from the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society when he was 10 weeks old.

If your pups could spent a million dollars on anything: Rocky and Bruiser would buy a giant doggie playground on 100 acres with tons of puppies to play with and they can dig and chew on anything.

Place they would most want to go: Bruiser would go anywhere with tons of snow and Rocky would go anywhere Bruiser goes.

If they could do anything: Rocky and Bruiser would spend every second of every summer day outside running around or laying in the shade outside.

Spot’s Spotlight
Spot’s Spotlight: Sam, Chloe & RJ
(Owner: Jeff G.) 

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight! Each month DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.

Sam & Chloe

Names: RJ, 6; Sam, 6; Chloe, 4

Breed: Sam and Chloe are Vizsla and RJ is a King Charles mix .

Favorite treat: SNAPS

Favorite toy: Kong balls

Funniest habit: Sam will sleep laying on his back with his head hanging down off the couch. Chloe can climb into pine trees trying to get birds. RJ, when he wants to go outside, will come get me and chew on my hand.

Thing they love the most: Thing they love most hunting, chasing birds and being with us!

Thing they dislike the most: Sirens

How they joined your family: Sam came to us from Walnut Grove, MN. One weekend, I boarded Sam at Anderson Kennels. The owner thought he was great and we bred him. Then we saw one of the pups and that’s how I got Chloe. RJ’s story is crazy! I was on the shelter’s website, saw him, jokingly I emailed his picture to my wife and said, “This is our next dog.” That weekend we were driving and my wife asked if we could just stop and see if RJ was still there. We did and he was there. We played a while with him, left, had lunch and was going home when my wife said, “Let’s go back.” Then I knew I was in trouble and we were getting a third dog. We stopped back and saw a family with him looking to adopt him. We left, and as I walked out the door I told them if it does not go through call us. We barely left and headed home when they called. So needless to say, I turned around and adopted him, It only took 4 trips there, but my wife was happy!

If they had a million dollars, your pups would: My pups would truly be the most spoiled dogs in the world. Not that they are not now!

Favorite television show: They “tell me” it’s NASCAR.

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