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Sir & Goose

We danced a jig when we saw this photo of Profile Pups, Goose, 4 and Sir, 3. These Sioux Falls pups got primped for St. Patty’s Day and we think they look better than a pot of gold!

Tyzen & Baxter

Meet our latest Profile Pups, Tyzen, 6 and Baxter, 5! These Bostons love to pose for pictures and if you looked that good, you would, too!


Meet our latest Profile Pup, Phobe, from Sioux Falls! Phobe’s family sent us this hilarious email:

Phobe (see attached pic of her) has left some dandy gems in my backyard and with no snow, this may be a good time to clean up.

Thanks, Phobe, for all the deposits that doo keep us in business!

pup profile pepper livvy cory megan myers italian greyhound

Meet our latest profile pups, Pepper and Livvy, Italian Greyhound rescues. These might be two of the most tech-savvy pooches you will meet!


Bella is a two-year-old Morkie from Sioux Falls. This profile pup loves doggie ice cream and her toys.

Kirby & Kosmo

Meet our latest profile Pups, Kirby & Kosmo!


Meet this week’s Profile Pup, Jayden!


Meet this week’s Profile Pup, Lola! She’s a lovable pug and watch for her pal Sasha’s photo!


Meet this week’s Profile Pup, Rico! What a great smile!

Gizmo, 5

This week’s Profile Pup is 5-year-old Gizmo, a Pekingese who loves his mom, Amanda M.! Thanks to everyone who’s sent in pictures and keep sending them! Watch and @doogooders for our Woof Wednesday when we update with a new pooch pic!

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