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 Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck, Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

We have bark-worthy news!  In an effort to spread the word about dog happenings in Sioux Falls, Lily, our long-haired mini dachshund started her own blog.  She calls it Lily’s Guide to Dog Friendly Living in Sioux Falls and she’s paws-itively pumped to walk all over town and find the best spots for her canine counterparts to have a good time.
Inspired by directories like Sidewalk Dog in the Twin Cities and Portland Pooches in Portland, along with a surprising report that named Sioux Falls one of the top ten dog friendly cities in the U.S. (albeit a few years ago), Lily decided to spread the word!  Who knew her community was so open to canines?

Lily checks out The Falls!

When she’s not being our official Puppy Love Bakery Taste Tester, Lily plans to spread the word about events for dogs in Sioux Falls, restaurants with pooch-friendly patios, businesses that cater to those with paws, and other opportunities to celebrate man’s best friend.  She has also set a goal to visit each and every park in Sioux Falls and talk about them from her perspective!  Lily has already gained a few fans and already has people suggesting blog post topics.  If you have an event or another topic you’d like her to incorporate, please email and I will pass along the message!
In the next few weeks you’ll see posts on some of the following topics:
  • A visit to Camille’s Sidewalk Café
  • Many Sunday afternoons in various parks
  • The 2011 Sculpture Walk
  • Her 2nd birthday party, (which will be a fundraiser for local rescue organizations)
  • Her favorite downtown spot, Michelle’s Coffee

Lily’s blog:
MSNBC’s dog friendly city list:

Canine Cuisine is a guest blog by Mandy Sieck-Vavreck of Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery. Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery creates tasty, natural and healthy treats for your pooch.

 Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck, Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

We’re back! Lily and Mandy are here to talk about food allergies and the importance of feeding your dog the right food and treats! Does your dog seem to get ear infections often? Does your pup itch her skin excessively? Does Fido chew his feet? Your four-legged friend might be suffering from allergies! Though some dogs suffer from allergies related to the great outdoors, approximately 20% of allergy issues in dogs are food allergies. The most common food allergies in dogs include: beef, dairy products, chicken, eggs, soy, and corn. Allergies can cause itchy and dry skin, ear infections, hair loss and skin infections. In order to keep our dogs happy and healthy it is important that we make ourselves aware of the potential for food allergies and their side effects.

With all of those potential allergy culprits, why focus on corn? Corn is a cheap way for dog food and treat companies to add filler to their products, thus, corn is present in many dog foods. By using corn, companies can avoid spending extra money on healthier vegetable and fruit options. Even if your dog is not allergic to corn, it doesn’t provide them with a health benefit—it serves only to as filler. Make sure that the first ingredient in your dog’s food and treats is not corn. For every day food, a high quality meat should be the first ingredient. For treats, look for treats with the first ingredient is a fruit, vegetable, or high quality meat. It’s best if your dog’s treats are made without corn or corn products.

Just as we need to watch what we eat, we also need to watch what our dogs eat. It’s our responsibility to ensure that our pets are getting a high quality food and high quality snacks to help ensure they live long, healthy lives.

As an ending note, here’s a shameless plug for Puppy Love Bakery treats—as a precautionary measure, we never, ever use corn, beef, chicken, soy, eggs, or dairy products in our treats. Though we use whole wheat flour in our baked treats and pup cakes, we also offer all of our treats in gluten free options. Now, go check the ingredient list on your dog’s food and treats and make sure you’re doing your part to keep them healthy and allergy-free!

Additional Resources:

Modern Dog: Food Allergies 101 Food Allergies & Food Intolerance

Canine Cuisine is a guest blog by Mandy Sieck-Vavreck of Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery. Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery creates tasty, natural and healthy treats for your pooch.

 Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck, Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

Baskets, bunnies and Easter candy make this time of year fun, but it can also be dangerous for your dog. Some sweet treats can pose a health problem, especially those with chocolate. Vets see more cases of food poisoning in pups around Easter and Christmas because of they may easily be able to get to candy. Some of those snacks can cause more than a sweet tooth, they can be deadly for dogs. Chocolate can kill a puppy because of theobromine, a natural stimulant found in cocoa beans, which can harm their heart or nervous system. Grapes, raisins and macadamia nuts can also be toxic to our four-legged friends. If your puppy does get into some human candy, this chart can help you know what to do.

Easter Basket by Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

You can also distract your dog with their own Easter basket and make it a special day for your furbabies.  Puppy Love Bakery’s Puppy Easter Baskets include extra-large Puppy Love Bakery treats, a Pup Cake, a bandana and an extra surprise! Our treats are healthy, delicious and safe for your pup (and any bunnies who might find the basket!).

(Baskets cost $8 and can be ordered by calling 605-366-2515 or emailing by 11 a.m. Saturday, April 23, 2011.)

Canine Cuisine is a monthly column by Mandy Sieck-Vavreck of Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery. Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery creates tasty, natural and healthy treats for your pooch.

Slick dogs! Daschunds racing at the February 19, 2011 Stampede game.

Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck, Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

This past weekend, the Sioux Falls Stampede partnered with Dakota Dachshund Rescue in the 4th annual dachshund races…that’s right, dachshunds racing on ice. If you’ve never seen a dachshund race, it’s definitely something you should witness at least once. (Note: they take place twice a year—in February at the Stampede game and in September at GermanFest.) More than thirty dachshunds raced, in two different races.

Many of the racers also participated in a Best Dressed competition before the race. Each winner received a gift card and plaque. The event not only provided entertainment for Stampede fans, but also raised funds for Dakota Dachshund Rescue, a local organization that works to rescue abused and unwanted dachshunds and find them forever homes. The best part about the event was that there were adoptable dachshunds available for people to meet before and during the game.

Puppy Love Bakery is proud to be partnering with Dakota Dachshund Rescue for the first of hopefully many successful events. Not only do we take pride in helping local organizations that benefit animals, but dachshunds are close to our heart.

Our lives revolve around our longhaired mini Lily—she is our favorite part of life. We are so happy to be partnering with an organization that rescues, fosters, and finds forever homes for such wonderful dogs. We were excited to be contributing to the goodie bags given to each racer—each bag contained Puppy Love Bakery samples. This was a great opportunity to get out of the house, support a great cause, and meet some fantastic little dogs. Oh, and, watch hockey if you’re so inclined.

Canine Cuisine is a guest blog by Mandy Sieck-Vavreck of Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery. Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery creates tasty, natural and healthy treats for your pooch.

Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck,

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of catering Rupert’s Christmas Tea—an annual holiday gathering hosted by Rupert the Beagle. Rupert (and his fabulous humans Sara and Dale) invited me, and my dachshund Lily to cater his holiday gathering. He invited five of his closest friends to join him in an afternoon of gift exchanging and treat sampling. Before the party started, a few early arrivals tried sampling the treats by sneaking treats from the table. Larger dogs like Cooper had no trouble, while Lily (our dachshund) had to scale the dining chair onto the table to reach the bowl of treats.

Once all attendees were present and had gotten to know one another, it was time for Rupert’s annual gift exchange. Each dog brought a wrapped gift to give to another canine attendee and squeak toys and treats were exchanged amongst happy four-legged friends. When the gift exchange ended (and the gifts tucked away and saved for later), each dog enjoyed a variety of snacks, courtesy of Puppy Love Bakery. The children attendees passed out treat after treat after treat to any dog willing to take them. They passed out our fabulous Apple Rounds—composed of apples, carrots, bananas, whole wheat flour, oats and honey, along with multiple Banana Berry Loves—a mixture of strawberries, bananas, carrots, whole wheat flour, oats and sunflower oil. Each dog was excited to try a new (and dare I say “healthy”) treat!

In addition to a fantastic gift exchange, the much-loved pooches were given a lovely, healthy dining experience, and to my knowledge, no dog ate so many treats that he urped in the car on the way home! If you would like to learn more about Puppy Love Bakery catering, please visit our website or contact me via e-mail at!





Yesterday we had a fantastic lunch meeting with Mandy Sieck-Vavreck with Puppy Love Bakery in Sioux Falls, SD. Mandy and her husband just started the bakery, and it’s a must see. They make up all sorts of awesome treats for your best friend, and it is all natural. Mandy tells us she wouldn’t bake anything that she’s not comfortable eating herself. We’re very excited to announce that Mandy has agreed to be a guest blogger for DooGooders! Each month, we’ll learn about natural foods for fido and how to keep your pooch healthy. Puppy Love Bakery has a great story to share, they love dogs, and we wish them success in Sioux Falls!

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