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Chief Doo Officer Jolene Loetscher has been busy talking crap around our region recently. Jolene spoke at Entrepology in Sioux City, a cool event that plants entrepreneurs from one city into another. She also spoke at 1 Million Cups Sioux Falls the next day. It’s pretty sweet to meet new people and see all the cool stuff happening in our region.

A big thank you to Think 29 for also featuring our terrific turd talker in a recent blog post. It’s always a great day to talk about dooing good with poo.


The DooCrew was helped out by a Good Samaritan after the Doo Cruiser broke down. We weren’t able to get a name to doo a proper thank you, so we asked our Facebook fans to nominate a group to give $50 to so we can pay his kindness forward. The Top Dogs used a scientific peanut butter system to determine a winner for the $50 and a runner-up gift of $10. We are excited to announce that the St. Francis House will receive $50 and the South Dakota chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association will get $10. Thanks so much for your help!

There were many other worthy causes listed, some of which we hadn’t heard of. We have links to every suggested cause below. Please take a minute to read up on each of them and consider giving a few bucks to one or more of these incredible causes!

Operation Addy

National MS Society

All Cats Rescue

Cure Kids Cancer

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Sioux Falls Area Out of the Darkness Walk

St. Francis House

Sioux Empire Pit Bull Rescue (3 votes)

Teen Serve Missions

Alzheimer’s Association

The Compass Center (Rape & Domestic Abuse)

Selfspiration (2 votes)

Sioux Falls Area Humane Society

American Heart Association

Zoi’s Animal Rescue

Lutheran Social Services Mentor Program

Route Info – Turd Tips

Top Dogs Twitter

Turd Manager’s Twitter

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