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Thanks to The Brookings Register for a feature about the success of PooPrints by DooGooders at Brookings Property Management!

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Brookings Property Management Fights Stinky Problem with DNA

First In Brookings to Use DNA for Pet Waste Management

Sioux Falls, SD (September 4, 2013) — Sniffing out pet waste problems is no longer the number one, or two, problem for Brookings Property Management. The company is the first in Brookings to utilize PooPrints™ DNA technology provided by DooGooders®.

With PooPrints, each dog living at the property provides a DNA sample via a non-invasive, painless cheek swab. Then if a tenant does not do their duty with the doo, a small sample of the waste can be matched with the dog and owner via DNA identification.

“The residents feel a sense of accountability which translates to very little pet waste left on our property.  We have 22 dogs at a property with 45 residences.  I can count on one hand how many times I have picked up after a dog this year since starting PooPrints,” Shawn Storhaug with Brookings Property Management says.

“It’s estimated 40-percent of pet waste remains unscooped and it’s not just a stinky mess for properties, it can also be a health concern,” says Jolene Loetscher, DooGooders Chief Doo Officer. “This technology, like canine CSI, keeps communities clean, green and healthy.”

Storhaug adds, “Before we started PooPrints we were on the brink of eliminating pets from the property entirely.  We would send monthly clean-up reminder letters and things would be great for two weeks and then back to dog waste laying all over.  If you have a property that has a pet waste problem, you need to bring PooPrints to your property!”

Multi-family communities in South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota use PooPrints provided by DooGooders.

About DooGooders

DooGooders, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the area’s leading dog doo removal service providing poo pick up service for residential and multi-family properties along with being the exclusive regional distributor for PooPrints. Started as a crappy idea in 2007, the DooCrew believes in dooing good with poo and gives a percentage of all sales back to area charities.

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Jolene Loetscher, DooGooders

605 310 2056

Shawn Storhaug, Brookings Property Management

605 695 5261

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