Becoming a foster parent for a dog is a rewarding experience. It gives you the chance to raise the puppy or dog in a good home temporarily. And sadly gives the shelter more dogs to put into the kennels. There are five steps that you will need to do first before your furry friend enters your home. First step is to make sure that there is nothing the dog can chew on and decide on where he or she will be sleeping. Make sure that there is nothing toxic that the dog can get into.  Second step is to call your local shelter and ask to become part of their foster program. They will have an application for you to fill out. Some shelters might want a fenced in yard or someone to be home at all times for the dog. Most shelters will likely come to your house for a visit. Third step is to meet with the rescue group and let them know what kind of dog you can handle. Also make sure to let the shelter know if you have any other pets in the house. Tell the shelter why you want to be part of a rescue group and let them know what you will get out of it. Fourth step is bringing your dog home. The dog will be scared and confused when he enters your house, so don’t get mad if he has an accident right away. It will take time for the dog to readjust. You will want to focus on training and showering them with love and remember that they are only there for a short period of time. The fifth and last step is to let them go to their new home when they are adopted. It will be hard to let them go, but there will be more dogs that you can rescue.

Those are the steps to successfuly become a foster parent for a dog. Shelters need as many helpers that they can get! Go out and save a dog’s life today!

Here is the website for Sioux Falls Humane Society and how to contact them.