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DooGooders is proud to be part of the Holiday Pet Frenzy coming up on Thursday, Nov. 29 at Canterbury Village! Join us for a fun evening that benefits the wonderful team at the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society.



Route Info – Turd Tips

  • 5/22 weekly route:1808,1658,1836,1802,1401,1601,1659,17,1644,7,Benson Village,2512,2,1739. Thank you! 10 hours ago
  • 5/20 weekly:1836,1302,1817,1813,1824,209,1443,1828,1423,1816. Thanks! 2 days ago
  • 5/19 weekly:255,1450,155,92,130,412,1,04912,71,1333,1611,1504,1707,4,403,1446,31,1659,7,245,1631,1425,1528,243,1212…… 3 days ago
  • 5/15 weekly:53,1658,1808,1836,1802,1601,1659,17,1644,7,1401,Benson Village,1739. Thank you! 1 week ago
  • 5/13 weekly:1836,1302,1817,1813,1824,209,1607,1828,1423,1303,1816. Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 5/12 weekly:255,1450,92,412,1,71,04912,1333,1611,1504,1533,1707,2012,403,1446,1620,1659,7,1318,245,1631,1301,1425,2…… 1 week ago
  • 5/9 weekly route:1808,1658,1836,1802,1401,1601,1659,17,1644,7,Benson Village,2512,2,1739. Thank you! 1 week ago
  • Doo to the weather I will be going out tomorrow for pick-up. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • 5/6 weekly:1836,1302,1817,1813,1824,209,1443,1828,1423,1303,1816.1607. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • 5/5 weekly:255,1450,92,130,412,1,04912,71,1333,1611,1504,1707,4,403,1446,1620,31,1659,7,245,1631,1212,1425,1528,243…… 2 weeks ago

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