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Mosby, 6 months

Name: Mosby, 6 months

Family: Peter & Jenna

Nicknames: Moze, Schmosby, Mozeman Montana, Mozbers, Roast Beef (he actually comes to that one sometimes)

Breed: Pembroke Corgi/Miniature Australian Shepherd

Favorite treat: smoked pig ears

Favorite toy: a big stuffed cat named “Kitty”, a little stuffed squeaky lobster, socks

Funniest habit: hides toys/treats all throughout the house to save for later, uses his whole butt to wag his tale

Things Mosby loves the most: cuddling up on the bed, chewing on things while sitting with people, being carried like a baby, peanut butter

Things Mosby dislikes the most: squirrels, thunder, the doorbell, bath time, and anyone who might steal his treat

How Mosby joined your family: We talked about getting a dog forever. Then, we talked about getting a corgi for a few more months, but weren’t sure we wanted a purebreed. In October, we saw an advertisement for this seemingly perfect mix and drove two hours to meet him. It was love at nearly first sight, and the rest is history.

If Mosby had a million dollars, your pup would: Two things: 1) buy a bunch of sheep to herd and 2) pay his parents to stay home with him so he could show off his herding skills

If Mosby could take a trip anywhere, he would go: New Zealand, the land of sheep.

Favorite author/artists/TV show: Mosby loves How I Met Your Mother … duh 😉 And Mad Men and Breaking Bad.

What rattles Mosby with the weather: He heard thunder for the first time at the beginning on the month. With each rumble, he ran downstairs to bark at the door. Also, doorbells ringing on TV send him flying.