When it comes to dog doo problems at apartments, condos, home owners associations or rentals, managers try everything. They can send letters to tenants, install dog doo waste stations, try to fine offenders, and even hire DooGooders™ to scoop up the mess. After initial success,  they still find a few tenants who refuse to pick up the poo or let their pooch plop doo where is does not belong. What’s a manager to doo? Thanks to our partnership with PooPrints™, Sioux Falls is one of the first places in the United States to use doggie DNA testing to clean up properties. You can already find success stories from every corner of the country. From North Carolina to San Diego to New Hampshire, apartment complexes and condo associations use PooPrints™ to solve the ongoing problem of owners not picking up after their pups.

It’s a wonderfully simple solution. Apartment managers (or the DooCrew can doo it, too) take a painless cheek swab of every dog on their property and charge the dog owner a small price, or deduct it from their pet deposit. Once all of the dogs get swabbed, a simple test using dog doo that hasn’t been picked up will find the offender. Management then issues a fine to the tenant for not picking up after their pup. If the manager doesn’t want to deal with DNA swabs or doo samples (who could blame them), they can simply hire a fully-trained DooGooders™ Doologist™ to handle the stinky stuff. After all, that’s what we’re best at, handling the stuff man’s best friend leaves behind.

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