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We have decided to doo this weeks route, but we are moving the pick-up date from Saturday, December 24 to Friday, December 23. This way we can be sure your lawn looks its best for the holidays while still allowing the DooCrew time with family this Christmas. Thanks so much for everything!

We learn a lot of lessons dooing business and recently our Chief Doo Officer Jolene Loetscher shared some of those with a column in the South Dakota Advertising Federation’s latest issue of AdLib. Check out her golden nuggets of business knowledge below or at

Being a business owner comes with a lot of crap. In our company, literal crap that comes by the gallon. So when you do what we doo, cleaning up dog doo, inevitably you get some prank calls from kids (I can’t blame them) or voicemail from people wondering just how you pick up the poo. But then you get the questions that even in a million years of a jazillion buckets of poop pick-up, you never could expect. And sometimes someone drops a load of,“Huh?!!?!?” bigger than what a Great Dane can pile up. That’s a house pooper.

One of those calls came from an elderly woman. Voice of an 80-year-old angel: “I need some waste removed.” Easy enough. “I let my dog poop in the house. Can you clean it up?” That knocked us over about as fast as the day we realized one of our five-poodle-families needed Pepto stat. A house pooper. Because let’s wake up and smell the feces: if they let the dog poop in the house, what other mess will they leave behind for you to stick your foot in? House poopers come in all shapes, sizes and smells. In every business, you meet them. They tempt you. Your bank account stinks at the time and the project smells like easy money. Maybe it’s the customer you cut your rate for in hopes of a bigger fish. Or the quick job that shouldn’t take too much time. But eventually, you find yourself working so many hours on the project, you make pennies. Or cutting your charges so much that it sets an expectation you will keep dooing that.

Knowing when to say no can be just as important as knowing when to let go. Sometimes the crap you get from a client ends up being more than it’s worth. Just like when you bring a puppy into your home, Fido needs to be the right fit, and so doo the people you work with. You may not feel like you can fire a client, but step back and think of how much more productive you could be for someone you work well with. Bottom line, no matter how much crap you handle in your business, house poopers will always show up. You just need to know how to show them the door.

Spot’s Spotlight: Beans & Bindi
(Owners: Christopherson Family)

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends!

Beans & Bindi

Name:  Beans, 6 and Bindi, 1

Breed:  Pugs

Favorite treats:  Waggin’ Train Chicken Jerky and Flossies
Favorite toy:  They mostly just try to chew on our girls’ toys — Squinkies, Legos and crayons top their list!
Funniest habit:  Jumping into the vehicles of everyone who visits our home — they have attempted to hang out with the Schwans man, the garbage man, the Fed-Ex guy, the UPS driver, pizza delivery people, Girl Scouts and extended family.  They run up to everyone and wag their tails, jump around and snort excitedly.  Then they scamper out and hop into their vehicles since everyone wants a pug riding sidekick…ha ha ha!
Thing they love the most: Our daughters, Olivia and Danika and TREATS!!
Thing they dislike the most:  Hippies and people walking through their ‘hood…joggers, bike riders, families on walks, skateboarders and especially other dogs will all get an earful (from behind our screened windows, of course!).

Beans, 6

How they joined your family:  Since I was a child, I had always wanted a pug.  When our daughter Olivia was 2, she and I went to look at puppies.  Initially, it was just to look at them and waste time while we waited for the library to open.  When Liv went right for the pugs, I thought it was a sign!  We had to sell my husband on getting a dog, but we ended up bringing Beans home.  Liv named him Beans–our theory is that she picked that name because she was in a jellybean phase at the time.  When our younger daughter Danika turned 2, I started campaigning for another pug.  Pugs are social and I felt like Beans needed a buddy.  We found Bindi on a farm outside of Sioux Falls.  The girls and I begged for the chance to just go see this little puglet, and my husband agreed.  When we saw that tiny little black puffball with the curly tail and scrappy attitude, we knew we wanted her to join our family!  We actually left her at the farm at first (we wanted to think about getting her) and my husband ended up turning around on the highway about 5 minutes after we left to go back to get her…we KNEW he loved pugs!!  Bindi is SO funny, and we’re glad she’s a part of our family…and we think Beans agrees despite the few gray hairs Bindi gave him.
If they had a million dollars, your pup would:  Well, I’d like to believe that Beans & Bindi would spend some on treats and then give the rest to us as their caretakers but let’s be honest–they’d probably blow it all on snacks and boobie traps for all the people who are so rude as to step anywhere near their house.  I think they’d also build a giant bonfire with all the doggie costumes in the USA…they seem to look ashamed when we dress them up, ha ha!

Bindi, 1

If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go:  Anywhere with their family…pugs are sweet, contented little dogs and I think they are happy wherever there are people who love them.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer:  They like to lounge outside under the tree in our backyard, sometimes swimming in their little pug pool and playing with their girls at the park!
Favorite author/artists/TV show:  They love Twins Baseball, Vikings Football, The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and anything the girls are watching.
How would you describe Beans and Bindi’s personalities:  Bindi is a classic little sister.  She bugs Beans and gets jealous if he has something she doesn’t have.  We actually have a picture of Beans and Bindi when Bindi was tiny and Beans was 5; they were eating and Bindi was actually sitting in the food dish to block Beans from getting any.  She’s also kind of a clown.  One time we caught her starting to squat down to potty in the house and I chased her down the hallway–she skidded around the corner and shoved her face into her food dish as if to say “It wasn’t me, I was here eating the whole time!”  Beans is like a crabby old man sometimes.  There are certain neighbors that he likes and certain ones that really chap his buns…he will wag his tail at the ones he likes and growl and bark at the one he doesn’t like.  It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense. They love baths, and their arch nemesis is my sister’s Boston Terrier Rocky (he has an attitude problem).  I would never have thought that dogs could have such personalities!  Pugs are awesome with kids, affectionate and funny little buddies.  I’d recommend this breed to anyone!

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