Unfortunately, the snow’s going to be here soon enough, so it’s time to talk about our winter routes. First off, WE WILL continue to pick-up your lawn until you tell us otherwise. But snow makes service a little more difficult. So if you choose to continue service through the winter, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • If it snows an inch or more the day before or on the scheduled day of service, service for that week will be cancelled.
  • If service is cancelled because of bad weather, we will simply put off service until the following week.
  • We can only pick up doo we can see. If it’s buried by snow, it will not be picked up.
  • If the doo is frozen into ice and cemented to the ground, we can’t scoop it.
  • Once the snow starts to fly, we plan on moving all service to Saturday.
  • We will not have service on Saturday, December 24.

Last year, about half of our regular weekly customers stayed on through the winter. We always do our best to get the doo out of the snow, but we want you to understand that due to weather, it can sometimes become impossible to get everything. That’s why we cancel service if it snows the day before. We will never charge you if we know we can’t doo a good job. Please email scooper@doogooders.com if you have any other questions about winter service, and thanks for using DooGooders!