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One of the DooCrew's Top Dogs, Mayhem

Hot dogs found a cool way to cool off this week with the annual Swimming Gone to the Dogs by the City of Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation.

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The DooCrew made a stop at the dog-logged event yesterday. Check out some of our pictures, or some from the City of Sioux Falls and our video below if you didn’t get to go yourself.

At DooGooders, we think of customer as a dirty word. To us, the people that let us in their home, allow us to know their children (two- and four-legged) and support our mission to doo good feel more like family. This past week, we said good bye to one of our DooGooders family, Jason DiMercurio. Many of you may know Jason from his work at Avera McKennan or on KSOO. We know him best as Cole and Tucker’s dad, his two pups that made him beam with pride, especially on a cold, January afternoon when he made sure Cole left us a fresh present! Or just kisses from Tucker, no matter the weather! The DooCrew will always remember that no matter the time, usually 1 a.m.-ish, whenever we mailed out a bill, Jason would right back instantly with a virtual smile and a joke about our crappy job.

Jason gave his time to help animals in our community, even adopting Cole and Tucker from Second Chance Rescue Center, as he told us in Spot’s Spotlight. Also, the Sioux Falls Business Journal recently profiled Jason for his dedication to his degree, job and community.

Jason exemplified dooing good. He never missed an opportunity to doo that with a smile, a kind word or a laugh that let you know how much he cared. Jason, thank you for being part of our DooGooders family.










With the start of school comes a new route schedule for DooGooders. Starting this week our Tuesday route will be moved to Wednesday and our Thursday/Friday route will be moved to Saturday. We plan on keeping this route schedule until Spring. Have a great school year!

Halloween candy at the grocery store, traffic backing up a block on 41st and swimming with the dogs… all sure signs that summer will soon be unofficially over (even though the calendar and meteorologist say there’s a little more time). The annual Swimming Gone to the Dogs by the City of Sioux Falls Parks & Recreation will be Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2011 at Terrace Park Family Aquatic Center, 1001 West Madison Street, on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Your dog (no more than two per owner) must be current on shots and enjoy chilling with other pups. Learn more at And check out some cool pics from the hot event last year!

Our friend, Monday Mathis, enjoying Swimming Gone to the Dogs 2010

Monday Mathis hanging at the pool

Spot’s Spotlight: Sasha
(Owners: Johnson Family)

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight where DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends!


Name:  Sasha, 2 1/2 years
Breed:  Mom is a chocolate lab, dad was out of the picture before she was born, so a mixed breed of some sort.
Birthday fun:  She was born on Thanksgiving, and we got her on the day President Obama was inaugurated.
Favorite treat:  flip flops
Favorite toy:  Her Kong, with or without stuffing.
Funniest habit:  She smiles!  She actually smiles in this awkward sort of way when you’re playing with her.
Thing they love the most:  It’s a tie between running at the dog park or snuggling at night.
Thing they dislike the most:  Being in trouble.  She sulks!
How they joined your family:  We had been out to Second Chance Rescue Center many times, but when they showed us the new litter of puppies, with Miss Sasha being the runt and so tiny, she captured our heart.  Our family has never been the same since.
If they had a million dollars, your pup would:  She would build her own dog park, invite all of her friends (and everyone is her friend).  She’d fill it with an unlimited supply of flip flops so every one of her friend could “chews their own”.  🙂
If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go:  Disney World.  Because that’s where her family would want to go, and she always wants to please her family.  But I think she’d really enjoy Soarin’ with the rest of us.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer:  Running free, with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth and her ears flapping in the breeze.  “Sasha, get back here!!!”
Favorite author/artists/TV show:  CBS Sunday Morning.  She loves the trumpets at the beginning and end of the show.
Your pup’s favorite cupcake:  Sasha doesn’t get many cupcakes, but she did eat an entire box of See’s Candies handcrafted truffles after I got back from San Francisco this year.  Expensive chocolate.  Hand-picked chocolate.  I guess I’m glad someone got to enjoy it.  😦

DooCrew Note: While Sasha doesn’t get many cupcakes, the DooCrew loves to stop by her family’s cupcakery Oh My Cupcakes! after a long day of doo pick up!

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