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Meet this week’s Profile Pup, Jayden!

 Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck, Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

We have bark-worthy news!  In an effort to spread the word about dog happenings in Sioux Falls, Lily, our long-haired mini dachshund started her own blog.  She calls it Lily’s Guide to Dog Friendly Living in Sioux Falls and she’s paws-itively pumped to walk all over town and find the best spots for her canine counterparts to have a good time.
Inspired by directories like Sidewalk Dog in the Twin Cities and Portland Pooches in Portland, along with a surprising report that named Sioux Falls one of the top ten dog friendly cities in the U.S. (albeit a few years ago), Lily decided to spread the word!  Who knew her community was so open to canines?

Lily checks out The Falls!

When she’s not being our official Puppy Love Bakery Taste Tester, Lily plans to spread the word about events for dogs in Sioux Falls, restaurants with pooch-friendly patios, businesses that cater to those with paws, and other opportunities to celebrate man’s best friend.  She has also set a goal to visit each and every park in Sioux Falls and talk about them from her perspective!  Lily has already gained a few fans and already has people suggesting blog post topics.  If you have an event or another topic you’d like her to incorporate, please email and I will pass along the message!
In the next few weeks you’ll see posts on some of the following topics:
  • A visit to Camille’s Sidewalk Café
  • Many Sunday afternoons in various parks
  • The 2011 Sculpture Walk
  • Her 2nd birthday party, (which will be a fundraiser for local rescue organizations)
  • Her favorite downtown spot, Michelle’s Coffee

Lily’s blog:
MSNBC’s dog friendly city list:

Canine Cuisine is a guest blog by Mandy Sieck-Vavreck of Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery. Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery creates tasty, natural and healthy treats for your pooch.

DooCrew Top Dog Mayhem meets USD mascot

The DooCrew joined the Pug Owners Society of the Sioux Empire (POSSE) for a fun time Saturday at Teapot Days. We walked in the parade and say lots of DooCrew friends while the pugs got in some good exercise!

Meeting the USD Coyote

DooCruiser all decked out

Pugs following the DooCruiserMeeting the USD Coyote

Guest Blog By: Craig LeeCraig Lee Studios

Where ever I am and what ever I am doing, I challenge myself to learn something new.   A few days ago as I was watching the Dock Dogs competition at the Outdoor Expo and realized that we all could learn a thing or two from these four-legged, tail wagging pups.

There were a few dogs that wanted to jump in the water so bad. They knew what they wanted, but were afraid to go after it. They sat on the edge of the dock barking, whining and jumping around.  Their owners would try to get them to jump.  The crowd would cheer for the dog to jump.   But none of that worked and the dog would not jump into the water until he was 100% confident he would do his best.

One other dog ran like mad to the end of the dock, put on the breaks at the last moment and just sort of flopped into the water.  He was not really taking advantage of the momentum he had built up. Others dogs had no trouble leaping into the water but lost sight of the duck decoy as soon as they hit the water. They swam around looking for their decoy, losing time and energy by not being focused. They tried hard but they just hadn’t trained enough.

You could easily pick out the dogs that had been training for this competition.  These dogs were so intensely focused that the yelling crowd, the announcer and the gun shots from the quick draw tent down the way did not knock them off their game. The only thing that mattered was running, jumping, leaping off that dock and getting to the decoy. Then doing it all over again, until it’s second nature to them. These were the dogs that succeeded at this game.

Which dog are you?

DooCrew Note: Be sure to check out Craig’s blog to see more of the pawesome pictures from Dock Dogs.

Craig Lee, founder of Craig Lee Studios, is a professional photographer based in downtown Huron, South Dakota. He also rocks the Mitchell area shooting weddings, engagements, senior portraits and commercial awesomeness. For more information, give him a ring at (605) 212-0256 or drop ’em a line

We posed a riddle to see if you could figure out what magazine this month includes some DooGooders family. The answer – the DooCrew’s Top Dogs Maggie and Mayhem got some ink in fetch! (and thanks to our pal Sarah McQuade for writing the story!). Also, our friends with the Pug Owners Society of the Sioux Empire got featured as part of the breed of the month story all about pugs. Be sure and fetch a copy today!

Pick up your copy of fetch! at area Hy-Vees and pet businesses!

The DooCrew’s Top Dogs and one of our favorite groups made a media appearance in a four-paw approved publication. Can you guess what it is?


Meet this week’s Profile Pup, Lola! She’s a lovable pug and watch for her pal Sasha’s photo!

Feeling ruff, lately? Head out to the Northern Plains Boxer Rescue’s 2nd Boxers and Bikers Poker Run this Saturday, June 18, 2011 in Tea SD, during Teapot Days.  Registration starts at 9 am at the Tea Middle School (map) parking lot. A poker run is an organized event where participants visit several “sniff trail” checkpoints, getting their poker hand card marked and at the end of the run if all of your stops are marked you get to draw cards. The best poker hands win prizes. First place is a 32″ TV, second is a blue ray player, and third is an iPod nano. The event begins at 10 am with the parade. Poker hands will be drawn at 5pm and prizes at 6 pm. Anyone interested in participating in this event can register at Registration fee is $20 a person. Click on the poker run link on the main page (you may have to scroll down a little) to enjoy the PowerPoint presentation from last year or call 605-366-3105 for more details.

Northern Plains Boxer Rescue is a nonprofit, all-volunteer effort where every boxer counts. We are an organization that strives to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home all boxers in need. Northern Plains Boxer Rescue makes every effort to educate the public about the boxer breed and responsible pet ownership. We serve a five state region: South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, and Minnesota. Currently we have more than 50 boxers in rescue who need a good, loving home. We operate solely out of foster homes so we know every boxer in our rescue and their lovable personalities. Without our foster homes and other volunteers, we could not operate. We are always looking for new volunteers and foster homes!


We want to doo some good for all the families affected by the Missouri River flooding. That’s why this week we kick off a Flood of Care. We will be collecting bags of dog food to help the temporary shelters in Pierre and Yankton. For regular DooGooders customers, leave your donations by your door on your service date between now and next Friday, June 17. For anyone else in the Sioux Falls area, email and the DooCrew will come by to pick up your donations. Let’s see how much we can collect by next week and flood our state with care!

Stop by the second Puppies in the Park at McHardy Park in Brandon this Saturday, June 11!  Your pup can participate in a dress up contest, watch agility and field trail demonstrations, get grooming tips or go to a seminar on how to be a good dog owner. Of course, there will be lots of great vendors, too, including Fetch! Magazine (and look for the summer issue of Fetch! coming soon!). Get more details at the Puppies in the Park Facebook page or from the Brandon Valley Chamber.

Route Info – Turd Tips

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