Spot’s Spotlight: Monday
(Owners: Jim & Kara M.)

Welcome to Spot’s Spotlight! Each month DooGooders features a family so you can learn more about our best friends.

Monday, one of our first DooGooders dogs

Name: Monday, 9

Breed: Yellow Lab

How she joined your family: We brought her home from TLC Labradors in Nebraska.

Where Monday’s name came from: It was a long car ride home from TLC Labs and we were tossing around name ideas.  Jimmy Buffett’s song Come Monday rolled across the CD player and smart aleck Kara say’s “Hey, we could name her Monday and then when we called her it would be Come Monday.”  It stuck.

Favorite treat: Stinky Rolos (aka Synovi chews), rawhide strips from Mike the Papa John’s pizza delivery guy (she’s very brand loyal)

Favorite toy: Rocky, the stuffed raccoon, sticks and tennis balls

Funniest habit: Rolling on her stick. Sleeping on mom’s head during thunderstorms

Monday’s dislikes: the smoke detector, the Argus delivery guy, raw vegetables, the Shop-n-Cart Dog Wash

Monday’s favorites: Hunting, fetching, swimming (especially Dog Swim at the Sioux Falls public pools), going for car rides, pooing in a clean yard!

If Monday had a million dollars, she would: Buy her own pheasant preserve so she could hunt all the time

If Monday could go anywhere, she would go: swimming in the ocean along the Gulf Coast or at Dog Beach in San Diego!

Mondays’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer: Meeting people at the Farmer’s Market, mooching from Joe at The Dog House and dining alfresco at Mama’s Ladas and other dog-friendly restaurants

Favorite musicians and TV show: Jimmy Buffett, the nature minute at the end of CBS Sunday Morning

DooCrew Note: Monday is always ready to play when we visit, so it’s important the DooCrew finds her a good stick for fetch! She also goes into work with Jim and Kara once a week at their fantastic ad agency.