If you’re sick of the smell of salt on the sidewalk and bothered by those brown spots starting to show up in your once white yard, remember the odor of melting doo will be here soon!

That’s why it’s time to order your spring clean from DooGooders. This year, we’ll be providing one-time spring cleans to the first 150 for $44.99. Just go to DooGooders.com and click on the spring clean pre-order on the bottom left.

* Pre-payment secures your spot

* Cleanings begin as soon as the snow says it’s final good-bye (we expect that to be early to mid March). Why wait? The DooCrew wants to doo its best job and to guarantee that, we wait for the snow to say sayonara!

* This price is for residential families in Sioux Falls, Tea, Brandon and Harrisburg (does not apply for acreages, commercial properties or pet service providers). We do not charge extra based on the number of dogs or overages if it takes longer to clean your yard!

* You think your mess is more than we can doo? We hauled out a half dozen buckets from some spring cleans last year, scooped piles of poop from Great Danes with the flu and turned brown into green to put the spring back in the step of your two- and four-legged family members!

* The Sooper Pooper award is back! Watch for details on who will win this year’s golden turd trophy!