Spot’s Spotlight: Cole & Tucker
(Owner: Jason D.)

Welcome to the first Spot’s Spotlight! Each month DooGooders features one of its families here so you can learn more our best friends.

Dog(s): Cole, 4; Tucker, 4
Nickname(s): Coco, Colee, Colee Coco. Tuckie, Tuckie tuck-tucks
Breed: Cole: Black Lab/Retriever; Tucker: Britney Spaniel/Viszla
Favorite treat: Hartz Pork Twists and any hard rawhide chew bone they can get.
Favorite toy: They can’t have toys because they tear the stuffing out of everything they can.
Funniest habit: Tucker will fall asleep sitting up and he also chases his tail around in a circle. Cole used to jump in the shower, but he doesn’t do that anymore.
Thing they love the most: Going bye-bye in the car. Going to doggy day care with Auntie Jamille at Mini Critters. Tucker is 60 pounds and he loves to lay across our laps. They both love warmth!
Thing they dislike the most: Cole hates the water and he stays away from it at all costs.
How they joined your family: Rescued them both from Second Chance.
If they had a million dollars, your pups would: Be laying on a warming blanket 24/7 in a room full of chew treats and their owners.
If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go: Doggy day care, they love the socialization of all the other dogs. Tucker also loves going to the groomer. Cole not so much.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer: Laying in the shade under the deck.

DooCrew Note: Cole and Tucker make sure there’s always a fresh delivery when we stop by!