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Doggone it, we’re snowed out again!  Yesterday’s snowfall covered up most of the dog doo, so we’ve decided to cancel today’s service. If you’re in the minority and can see a mess, let us know and we’ll come by today. Otherwise, we’ll see you next week. We anticipate some melting this week, and with the amount of delays we’ve had this month, we expect that yards will be a little messier than normal. We’re ready to get to work though, here’s to Spring!

If you’re sick of the smell of salt on the sidewalk and bothered by those brown spots starting to show up in your once white yard, remember the odor of melting doo will be here soon!

That’s why it’s time to order your spring clean from DooGooders. This year, we’ll be providing one-time spring cleans to the first 150 for $44.99. Just go to and click on the spring clean pre-order on the bottom left.

* Pre-payment secures your spot

* Cleanings begin as soon as the snow says it’s final good-bye (we expect that to be early to mid March). Why wait? The DooCrew wants to doo its best job and to guarantee that, we wait for the snow to say sayonara!

* This price is for residential families in Sioux Falls, Tea, Brandon and Harrisburg (does not apply for acreages, commercial properties or pet service providers). We do not charge extra based on the number of dogs or overages if it takes longer to clean your yard!

* You think your mess is more than we can doo? We hauled out a half dozen buckets from some spring cleans last year, scooped piles of poop from Great Danes with the flu and turned brown into green to put the spring back in the step of your two- and four-legged family members!

* The Sooper Pooper award is back! Watch for details on who will win this year’s golden turd trophy!

Slick dogs! Daschunds racing at the February 19, 2011 Stampede game.

Guest Blog By: Mandy Sieck-Vavreck, Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery

This past weekend, the Sioux Falls Stampede partnered with Dakota Dachshund Rescue in the 4th annual dachshund races…that’s right, dachshunds racing on ice. If you’ve never seen a dachshund race, it’s definitely something you should witness at least once. (Note: they take place twice a year—in February at the Stampede game and in September at GermanFest.) More than thirty dachshunds raced, in two different races.

Many of the racers also participated in a Best Dressed competition before the race. Each winner received a gift card and plaque. The event not only provided entertainment for Stampede fans, but also raised funds for Dakota Dachshund Rescue, a local organization that works to rescue abused and unwanted dachshunds and find them forever homes. The best part about the event was that there were adoptable dachshunds available for people to meet before and during the game.

Puppy Love Bakery is proud to be partnering with Dakota Dachshund Rescue for the first of hopefully many successful events. Not only do we take pride in helping local organizations that benefit animals, but dachshunds are close to our heart.

Our lives revolve around our longhaired mini Lily—she is our favorite part of life. We are so happy to be partnering with an organization that rescues, fosters, and finds forever homes for such wonderful dogs. We were excited to be contributing to the goodie bags given to each racer—each bag contained Puppy Love Bakery samples. This was a great opportunity to get out of the house, support a great cause, and meet some fantastic little dogs. Oh, and, watch hockey if you’re so inclined.

Canine Cuisine is a guest blog by Mandy Sieck-Vavreck of Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery. Sioux Falls Puppy Love Bakery creates tasty, natural and healthy treats for your pooch.

Spot’s Spotlight: Cole & Tucker
(Owner: Jason D.)

Welcome to the first Spot’s Spotlight! Each month DooGooders features one of its families here so you can learn more our best friends.

Dog(s): Cole, 4; Tucker, 4
Nickname(s): Coco, Colee, Colee Coco. Tuckie, Tuckie tuck-tucks
Breed: Cole: Black Lab/Retriever; Tucker: Britney Spaniel/Viszla
Favorite treat: Hartz Pork Twists and any hard rawhide chew bone they can get.
Favorite toy: They can’t have toys because they tear the stuffing out of everything they can.
Funniest habit: Tucker will fall asleep sitting up and he also chases his tail around in a circle. Cole used to jump in the shower, but he doesn’t do that anymore.
Thing they love the most: Going bye-bye in the car. Going to doggy day care with Auntie Jamille at Mini Critters. Tucker is 60 pounds and he loves to lay across our laps. They both love warmth!
Thing they dislike the most: Cole hates the water and he stays away from it at all costs.
How they joined your family: Rescued them both from Second Chance.
If they had a million dollars, your pups would: Be laying on a warming blanket 24/7 in a room full of chew treats and their owners.
If your dog could take a trip anywhere, they would go: Doggy day care, they love the socialization of all the other dogs. Tucker also loves going to the groomer. Cole not so much.
Your pup’s favorite way to spend the dog days of summer: Laying in the shade under the deck.

DooCrew Note: Cole and Tucker make sure there’s always a fresh delivery when we stop by!

As of Sunday, February 27, 2011, DooGooders is no longer accepting applications for our 2011 DooCrew.

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Nate Burdine, VP of Turd Management, Jolene Loetscher, Chief Doo Officer and Eliene Loetscher, Doo Crew Mom at the 2011 JDRF Walk for the Cure

This time of year, we love an opportunity to walk inside where it’s warm and snow-free while dooing some good! A few weeks ago the DooCrew walked in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s 2011 Walk for the Cure at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, SD. We joined 3,000 other walkers helping raise money to find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. We met some awesome families affected by diabetes.

If you’d like to learn more about JDRF and the great work it does in South Dakota and around the globe, check out

Check out the 10-Day forecast! Lookin’ good…. In the coming days, we’ll be accepting pre-orders for Spring Cleans. Once the snow melts, we’ll get going. Spread the word!

Spring is Coming

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