The Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes… rattle off the best and brightest polished metal Hollywood hands out and it cannot compare with the prestige, honor and elite status that comes with being awarded a DooGooders 2010 Sooper Pooper Award. After seven long dog-months of spring cleans, and after some very intense competition, we can now announce the winners.

Remember, in this competition, Number 2 is #1. So we begin with the runner-up and recipient of the Number 1 Sooper Pooper Award <insert drum roll>… congratulations to Holly H. and her five best friends with more than 35 gallons of stink!

Then, we come to our Number 2 Sooper Pooper, the top dog (in this case, two dogs got the job done) and that goes to Cassie G. and her Great Danes with 40+ gallons, a DooGooders’ record! Way to go, and keep up the good work!  Remember, there are no losers in this doo-rific contest.

We also want to recognize Patty and her furry friends Bella and Zeus with our honorable mention. We got to present Patty with her award today and can’t wait to hear what Bella & Zeus think of the honor they work so hard to earn!

Jolene Loetscher, Chief Doo Officer, presents Patty from MIX 97.3 with her Sooper Pooper award!

In this inagural year of Sooper Poopers, we introduce a second category, awarded to our most creative dookie (doo+cookies=dookies) eaters.  Last month, we delivered the doolightful treats to friends around town, and dared them to take pics or video eating them.   Honorable mention goes to Tigh L. and crew.  Check out their winning video below.  This was just too doo-sturbing to win it all.

The winning entry and our Number 2 award goes to Melissa H. and the team!

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Our winners receive a custom-made turd trophy with a 9kt gold poo pile (ok, we didn’t really paint it with gold, but it sure sounds good). Be watching for more pictures as we delivery the trophies around town.