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Who says doo can’t do well during award season? The DooCrew (the two legged members) attended the South Dakota Ad Federation’s ADDY® Awards show last night.  We couldn’t be prouder of Pile and Bucket, our singing and dancing dog duo, for the great commercial they put together and you for voting for the best spot! Even though our work stinks, DooGooders and the awesome team at VVI received a Silver ADDY® for online campaign!  Makes us worry about the diva dog Pile will become. He may start requesting Perrier in his water bowl. Don’t forget to check out those spots and some of the latest rejected radio ads.

This also got us to thinking with the Oscars just a few hours away. We gave some pause and paws and wondered about what honors our four-legged friends might receive for being barking beauties in the movies. No fear! Our four-legged friends get a Cannes of canines at the Palm Dog Award.

Now if you think it’s time to roll out the red carpet in your back yard as the weather warms up, but the doo makes it seem like the next installment of Mission Impossible, we started booking our spring cleans. For $34.99+tax (unless you live on a movie lot, or in a Hollywood hills mansion), we pick up and take it away. Just click and we clean!

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