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We are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website!   This is  The Scoop, our new blog.  Check back often to see what’s crackin at DooGooders.  Along with the regular updates from the Doo Crew, we’ll have local pet news and notes from dog experts from Sioux Falls and the surrounding area.

Our favorite upgrade to the site is the Turds section.  There’s videos from the singing DooGooders dogs, and they’ll be oodles of other smelly stuff we find on the web.

So feel free to look around and check back often for updates!


Route Info – Turd Tips

  • Doo to the fresh snow and below temps. I will be cancelling the route for the weekend. Stay warm! 6 hours ago
  • 1/15 weekly:1902,1802,1850,2512,53,17,1644,1853,1658,7,1401. Thanks! 4 days ago
  • 1/12 weekly:1,04912,4,31,1850,7,245,1425,1634,1841,1810,1828,1731,1741,1844,1619,1816,1635,1720,1732. Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 1/11 weekly:155,92,412,10,1901,71,1333,1611,1504,1450,1707,403,1446,421,1212,1528,1847,1629,408,1621,1334,1837,1736…… 1 week ago
  • This upcoming weekend route will be split up into two days... Friday and Saturday. Thank you! 1 week ago
  • 1/8 weekly:1802,1850,1845,53,17,1644,1658,7,1401. Thanks! 1 week ago
  • 1/5 weekly:155,92,412,1,71,04912,1333,1611,1504,1450,1533,1707,2012,403,1446,1850,7,245,1301,1425,1212,1445,1847,16…… 1 week ago
  • 12/31 weekly:1802,1850,2512,53,17,1644,1853,1658,7,1401. Thanks! 2 weeks ago
  • Doo to the holiday weekend I will not be out Saturday/Sunday. I will hopefully be picking up tomorrow if the weathe…… 3 weeks ago
  • 12/24 weekly:1802,1848,1850,1845,53,17,1644,1658,7,1401. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas! 3 weeks ago

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