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Today the DooCrew takes time off from doing doo work to appreciate family, friends and furry folks who fill our days with love, laughter and light.  Go to our Facebook page and post why you’re thankful for your four-legged friend (and we love to see pictures, too!).

The DooCrew’s top dogs especially enjoy today with lots of people food, cuddling on the coach and football.  What a life!  Since you share your family with ours, we want to share a few moments of today with you!  Check out pugs Maggie and Mayhem digging in to their meal.  Thanks for supporting DooGooders!  We’re thankful for great families like you!

While it isn’t unusual for it to be a little smelly around the Doo Crew domicile, the last week got stinky for a not-so-good reason.  Our pug Mayhem, 18-months-old, got sick and left us with some clean ups we prefer to avoid.

We visited Dr. Todd Carr, Prairie Creek Pet Hospital.  We believed she ate something (and knowing Mayhem, living true to her name, she probably did!).  Dr. Carr sent us home with some medicine and she’s doing better the last few days, and even just seeing Dr. Carr and his staff made her feel better as you can see by the photos.

Also, thanks to the DeCourcey family for sending more photos from Pug-O-Ween 2009.  Check them out on the Pug Owners Society of the Sioux Empire (POSSE) Facebook page. Below you can see out Drayton DeCourcey’s awesome dinosaur costume and Max, his pug, as a lobster.

Now the Doo Crew started thinking about another holiday – Thanksgiving! We hope the weather holds out. If you need a yard cleaning so you can enjoy being outside before the snow flies, let us know. It’s only $18.99 through the end of the season.

What a beautiful September, er… November night in Sioux Falls!  We took the DooGooders top dogs on a wonderful walk tonight.  Aside from some frost on the grass, it almost felt like the perfect summer night.  No wind, no clouds, full moon.  Just an amazing night for a walk around the block.  In honor of election day, check out this story on maybe the most important American dog walker.

We’re thankful for the warm weather, but we know that Mother Nature will bark up a new tree soon.  Winter is just around the corner.  Once the snow falls and sticks around, we’ll shut down for the season.  We’d love to service your lawn all winter, but there’s no way to doo a good job once snow falls and the ground freezes.  Until then, we’re offering a special Fall Clean.  We’ll doo a one time pick-up for just $18.99, from now until that white crap stays around for winter.

Whoops!  We almost forgot to mention the great time we had at Candace Ann Photography the other day.  They had a really amazing fund raiser for Second Chance Rescue, where they took pics of pups in return for dog food donations.  You won’t believe how good these shots turned out.  We’ll be sure to share as soon as we have some proofs.  We’ll talk soon!

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